We really enjoyed our varied programme of Woolly Workshops in 2017 and are planning more for 2018.  Let us know which workshops you'd like to see using our contact form.  You can see workshop pictures below as well as a list of all the workshops. 

 Wet felted tuffets

Tutor: Jean Fenton

Make a vegetarian ‘sheepskin’ seat cushion. You will learn traditional wet felting techniques. Your cushion or ‘tuffet’ will have lovely curly locks on one side and a plain soft base on the underside. Materials charge included in the price.

Materials: all materials provided but please bring an apron and rubber gloves.

Suitable for: everyone


Shetland shawls

Tutor: Anniken Allis

Shetland is known for delicate lace shawls knitted in very fine yarn. In this workshop, we'll look briefly at the history of Shetland lace shawls and you'll practice working Shetland lace stitches, reading lace charts, and construction methods of traditional Shetland lace shawls. 

Materials: all materials provided

Suitable for: confident knitters.  Experience in lace knitting is not essential as there will be a choice of lace patterns to suit various experience levels. 


Broomstick crochet

Tutor: Diane Stewart

Broomstick lace is a unique crochet stitch. The design is made by using a crochet hook to pull tall loops of thread up on to a dowel (historically, a broomstick, which is where the name comes from). These loops are made left to right across the row. They are then looped together into clusters using single crochet stitches worked right to left back across the row of loops. 

Materials: Broomsticks provided. Please bring your own double knitting weight yarn, preferably cotton.

Suitable for: people with basic crochet skills


Hairpin crochet

Tutor: Diane Stewart

Hairpin lace is a beautiful variation on crochet, in which you combine a standard crochet hook with a certain type of loom to create lacy, openwork designs. Once you've seen hairpin lace, you will always immediately recognise it, because it has a unique appearance that never fails to catch the eye.

Materials: Lace frames provided.  Please bring your own double knitting weight yarn, preferably cotton

Suitable for: people with basic crochet skills


Polymer clay buttons

Tutor: Lucie Williamson

Looking for the perfect button to finish your project?  Why not make your own!! With polymer clay you can make your own buttons in a variety of shapes and colours.  Materials charge included in the price.

Materials: all provided

Suitable for: everyone


Drop Spinning

Tutor: Eileen McTague

Come and learn about preparing fleece and fibre, try some carding and learn to make your own yarn using a top whorl drop spindle.  This class has a maximum six participants to ensure individual attention.

Materials: Wool fibre will be provided.  Spare tools will be available for you to use, but if you have your own carders or hand spindle please feel free to bring them along.

Suitable for: everyone


 Weaving without a loom

Tutor: Nikki Little

Learn how to weave a seamfree bag on a simple cardboard loom. Make a small bag or cover for an item such as a phone or kindle. You will learn how to warp the loom and some simple tapestry weaving patterns such as spots and stripes

Materials: piece of strong cardboard; ruler and pencil; scissors; warp thread eg crochet cotton which won't stretch, wool or other fibre for weft, in one colour or a variety of colours and thicknesses.  This is an ideal opportunity to use up your stash; blunt ended wool needle - ones with flexible plastic eyes are ideal

Suitable for: everyone


EasyCrochet Christmas decorations 

Tutor: Tina Barrett

Even if you're new to crochet you can learn to make your own beautiful Christmas decorations with our friendly, experienced tutor.

Materials: all provided but bring your favourite coloured yarns if you would like

Suitable for: everyone


Fancy crochet Christmas decorations

Tutor:Tina Barrett

Make more complicated Christmas decorations to fit with your own colour theme.  Or stay on after the morning workshop and work on your decorations with support.

Materials: all provided but bring your favourite coloured yarns if you would like.

Suitable for: basic crochet


Knitting charts made easy

Tutor: Tina Barrett

Confused by knitting charts?  Learn how to read them using traditional local Gansey patterns with knitwear designer, Tina Barrett.  The workshop will also cover charts for colour knitting and increasing and decreasing.

Materials: all provided

Suitable for: knitters


Design your own Gansey sweater

Have you ever wanted to make your own Gansey?  This workshop will give you a step-by-step guide to designing and calculating your own unique pattern with expert support from knitwear designer Tina Barrett of the Cornish Gansey Company.  You can even add your own initials.

Materials: all provided

Suitable for: knitters


Brioche knitting

Tutor: Avril Best from Rowan

Learn to knit brioche stitch, a knit stitch using one or two colours giving a reversible pattern that creates a thick, lofty and stretchy fabric.

Materials: Please bring a ball of black DK yarn and a ball of white DK yarn, with some 4mm needles if you have them.

Suitable for: knitters


Hapazome or flower pounding

Tutor: Claire Roper, Wild by Design

Print with real flowers and leaves onto cotton fabric, using the ancient technique of flower pounding with a hammer.  Materials charge included in the price.

Materials: bring a harrmer and some gardening gloves

Suitable for: everyone


Moving into the Round

Tutor: Vicki Rowan

Ever wanted to knit a sock and don't know where to start? Want to use circular needles but they are just seem too confusing? This short but direct workshop will answer all your questions about knitting in a seamless and circular fashion. Handy for all kinds of projects, once you learn you won't go back to two needles - it will totally take your creations to a new level. Don't be scared, grab the needle by the points and give it a go - its not as tricky as you think.

Materials: all provided

Suitable for: knitters


Polymer clay shawl pins

Tutor: Lucie Williamson

Can’t find a suitable shawl pin to match your knitty creations? Why not make your own!! With polymer clay you can make your own shawl pins in a variety of shapes and colours.   Materials charge included in the price.

Materials: all included

Suitable for: everyone